Universal thermal clip-on for existing weapon sights,advanced thermal imaging riflescopes.

Trijicon® OASYS products give users the advantage in any engagement. Choose from high-performance monoculars, binoculars, and weapon sights to suit your specific needs. Trijicon’s advanced thermal imaging riflescopes are trusted by the most demanding shooters to get the job done with accuracy and speed no matter what. Day or night. Choose from thermal imaging monoculars, helmet sights, weapon sights and clip-on sights. Conquer darkness with Trijicon®.


Trijicon® OASYS UTC™x Universal Thermal Clip-On

Trijicon® OASYS UTC™xii

The Trijicon® UTC™xii system is a small, lightweight, universal thermal clip-on

Trijicon® OASYS UTM™x

he Trijicon® UTM™x is a high performance, versatile thermal optic capable of observation, dedicated rifle, and clip-on rifle use.


The Trijicon® SkeetIR™x is a miniature, multi-purpose thermal optic that is small enough to use as a helmet-mounted observation device.


Trijicon® Universal Thermal Binocular


Trijicon® Universal Thermal Binocular—Laser Rangefinder

Trijicon REAP-IR®

Trijicon REAP-IR® Mini Thermal Riflescope

Trijicon IR-HUNTER®

Trijicon IR-HUNTER® Thermal Riflescope

Trijicon IR-PATROL®

Trijicon IR-PATROL® Thermal Monocular

Trijicon SNIPE-IR®

Trijicon SNIPE-IR® Thermal Clip-On

security products

thermal cameras

Engineered to protect. We offer the most affordable, high-performance thermal security cameras for critical infrastructure

security sensors

Protecting steel fences for detecting intruders designed to detect and locate intruders over any kind

sensor cables

The system is ideal for outdoor protection and can be easily installed on residential or high security Steel Fence

management software

Security management software is designed to manage and over view the perimeter for intrusion & video monitoring system