Thermoteknix Defence & Security

Thermal imaging, night vision & fused devices for military & civilian applications

Thermoteknix ClipIR image

Thermoteknix ClipIR

Thermal imaging clip-on solutions to enhance night vision capabilities
Thermoteknix FuseIR image

Thermoteknix FuseIR


Helmet mounted fused thermal and night vision monocular


night vision monocular. Helmet mounted, handheld or weapon mounted


night vision binocular. Versatile night vision goggle available in binocular or monocular, handheld or helmet mounted

TiCAM 1000C

Surveillance, reconnaissance, High-resolution target location & acquisition solution

TiCAM 1000C XD

extended distance target location & acquisition

TiCAM 750 thermal imager

Easy-to-use, rugged, long-range thermal imaging biocular

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thermal cameras

Engineered to protect. We offer the most affordable, high-performance thermal security cameras for critical infrastructure

security sensors

Protecting steel fences for detecting intruders designed to detect and locate intruders over any kind

sensor cables

The system is ideal for outdoor protection and can be easily installed on residential or high security Steel Fence

management software

Security management software is designed to manage and over view the perimeter for intrusion & video monitoring system